Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What countries does iTopoMaps support?
    • USGS (US and Borders only)
    • Toporama (Canada)
    • OpenStreetMap (World)
    • OpenCycleMap (World)
  2. What about Airplane Mode?
     Turning on airplane mode sounds like a good idea to safe battery life, but unfortuntately it also disables the GPS.
  3. How many quadrangles can I store?
     Although depending on latitude, each quad takes around 50M each.  You can fill as little or as much of your device’s available memory as you want.
  4. How does the status bar work?
    Simply swipe the status bar left or right to change the display. The display will show:
    • Current location in lat/lon
    • Current location UTM
    • GPS Altitude
    • Last GPS update
    • GPS Accuracy
    • Current speed, if moving
    • Current course, if moving, true and magnetic
    • Distance from GPS location to GoTo Waypoint
    • Heading from GPS location to GoTo Waypoint, true and magnetic
    • Distance from map center to GoTo Waypoint
    • Heading from current map center to GoTo Waypoint, true and magnetic
    • Magnetic Declination of map center
    • Map Zoom level
  5. How do I download quads?
    Tap the white grid icon in the lower right corner. A grid will appear over the map showing quad boundaries. Simply double-tap a grid to add or remove from your device. After selecting “Add->Save”, the quad will begin downloading in the background. When the progress bar disappears, all quads are updated.

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